Showing Thinking as a GIF


This is a Gif that I made as a final product for a coursework brief about creating GIFs, this was made frame by frame using Adobe Photoshop and pieced together on a GIF making website in order to animate it. Of course I knew that you could make the GIF in Adobe Photoshop itself but the website, at that moment, was a faster way in creating this GIF for the project as I could easily change the speed and the size of the GIF itself. The overall idea about this project is to create a GIF that relates to the word “Think” or “Thinking”, and we were only allowed to do 24 frames for the entire GIF so a lot of research was done on how many frames usual GIF creators need to create one GIF. But in the end, the idea of “your brain wanders or is easily distracted while thinking” was an idea that I really wanted to create.


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